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I've decided that I won't change.

I'll just get better at loving my life.

Katie Sartoris
13 November
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My name's Katie. I'm from Akron, Ohio, originally, but moved down to Florida about 5 years back. I love it here now! I attend Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers. I'm studying for a communications degree and a minor in journalism. I hope some day to be some sort of journalist. I have the most AMAZING friends and boyfriend that I could ever ask for, and I'm ALWAYS up for a good time. My family is my rock, without that mess of people, God knows where I'd be. I also love meeting new people! Having friends is fun! I enjoy the simple things in life, like lazy Sundays and having a regular TV watching schedule for the BEST shows on TV. I love Chelsea Lately, but mostly, I love Chelsea Handler. I would give my pinky fingers (and toes!) to meet her and Chuy, or even just to see her show. I love getting sun. Being tan hasn't ever been a quality of mine, but a relaxing day under the rays is always fun. Going to the beach or the lake are also simple hobbies of mine. I love volleyball, I wish it has always been that way. Volleyball and I were not on speaking terms for a while after high school, but now I'm back at it, and I absolutely love it. I love being artistic, and things that are funny. I wish I had the quickness to be a comedian, because I'd like to think of myself as a little hilarious. I can't remember the last time I cried. Well, I can, but it was a while ago and I don't do it too often. I consider myself a happy person, and I'm pretty strong too. So crying and me, we're not BFFs. I love learning in my field, not so much bull shit classes I had to take for my first two years. I find myself more and more intertwined with my studies after every class, which is AWESOME! I love loving school! I make jewelry! Not too often anymore, but it's still a hobby of mine. I also love tie-dyeing, and have made some seriously good tie-dyed items. I just LOVE being artistic and making things. Clay, paint, shirts, posters, beads... You give me something to make my own, I turn it into art!
I love my life. Basically, I just have fun constantly!