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Quote of the Week

By yours truly!
"I've decided I don't change. I just get better at loving my life."
True story.


A List of Grievances:

1. When people say things like "Keep hating, you're making me famous," or things like "Keep my name out of your mouth." Like really? Do you really think you're THAT important to the rest of the world that you HAVE to specify for people not to talk about you? Like how conceited are you? "I know people hate me, so let them hate..." Like really? No one even cares. No one is that invested in your life. Hello!? If you were THAT important, people would know who you are.

2. You're not in love with someone that you've been going out with for less than a month. Period. You're kidding yourself and the other person in the relationship. Love is something that you don't know until you're in it. And you aren't in love with someone if you met them a month ago and started dating them last week. Like really.

3. WhII Du pE0P|_e tYyYpE |_yKee tHisSs?! Welcome to the real world, where your talent to make characters on a keyboard look like actual letters doesn't matter. No one can read that crap. Is that how you're going to type your name on a resume'?

4. Who thinks Obama is a Muslim? If you seriously think that, you might be the dumbest person I've ever met, or just from a small town with people that harbor closed minds. Hm. Just because his name is OBAMA, doesn't mean he's automatically Muslim. Be responsible. If you don't know his religion, Christian, by the way, then you probably don't know his politics. If you don't know his politics, you shouldn't be voting. No matter your political affiliation, you should ALWAYS hear both sides of the story. People don't get that the right to vote comes with the responsibility of being politically literate.

5. Being Christian doesn't mean you have to vote Republican. I can't even believe that people believe that. Politics and religion are two separate things, even though most people, and our government, don't see that.

6. I'm not a hoe, a bitch, a slut, or a skank. So my friends don't call me those things. I find it ironic that girls let their friends call them those names without thinking about the connotations. Your friends are calling you a prostitute. And you're calling them one right back. And you're friends. Think about it.

7. Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I automatically want to be hit on by males. Attention like, "Hey girl!" or some ridiculous pick up lines you just have to wonder what cheesy pick-up line website they read online ten years ago, is unwanted. That's not cute. And it won't get my attention.

8. ALSO, just because I have a boyfriend, doesn't mean I can't have fun with friends! My boyfriend and I love each other very much, but we have our own identities too! Don't get me wrong, I'm obviously faithful. I love hanging out with him and spending my time with him, but that's not all I like to do. I have my own interests and my own life. Especially since we're long distance, we have to be independent. Trust is the basis of our relationship.

9. People who always look at the negative of everything bother me. My life is pretty good, and if something happens that I don't really like, or I get upset, I talk about it and move on. I don't dwell on it or try to fix it in my mind, I just move on! Life is short, much too short to be sad about things! So get happy!

10. Do not talk shit about the armed services if you have NO IDEA what goes on in them. Do not downplay it like it's a last resort for people. Do not act like everything about it is bad. RESPECT those who choose to go into the military. People go into the armed services to serve their country. There are amazing careers available within the service. Many of the presidents have lead this country with a background in the service.

11. And another thing! Just because you may or may not support the war in Iraq, doesn't mean you don't have to respect the men and women serving over there. Respect our troops!

12. Do not give me relationship advice when yours is in shambles. 

More later? Maybe if I think of them! Hehe!

I feel old.

But, reminiscing is fun! I went through some of my posts from like 4 years ago, and dang! I can't believe that was me!
A big thing I noticed was body issues. I don't have those anymore, by the way. I'm perfectly fine in my body, even though that did take me a while. So no more posts about that!
I'm also not longing for a boyfriend. I have one! 
But, I have a new outlook on that. I learned that the yearning for a boyfriend thing was an insecurity of mine. I learned that I didn't need one to be secure in myself. I started believing more in myself and I finally came to a point of loving myself.
And then I found someone. That didn't work out. BUT! I learned way more about myself! It was a bad relationship, but I wouldn't be the person I am today without having gone through that. I'm so glad I did! I learned more about people, communicating, love and most importantly, myself. I found out what I wanted in potential mates, and even friends. I'd be lost without that experience, even though the pain was difficult.
Now I'm with an awesome person whom I'm very much in love with. It's love this time, not puppy love! We're very similar, and we have so much fun together. We just click. I don't know how else to say it! I've never felt like this for someone in my life and having this is really a blessing.
I also have amazing friends! I wouldn't be here without them today, that's the truth.
I'm in school right now, just working my way towards a degree. I'm a junior here, majoring in Communications and minoring in Journalism. I hope one day to become a journalist. Some kind, I don't really know what kind yet.
But, that's what's up with my life now.
Topic of tomorrow: Annoyances. Tune in!

It's Been a While

About four years, to be exact. In that time, not much has changed. I'm still the same person.
That's a lie. I'm 19 now, and I'm in college. Things are so much different then they were in the past. Life is so much better now.
I've learned a lot about myself over these past 4 years. It's been fun.
I'm back to blogging. Hopefully I'll stick to it, but who knows. I'm hoping to prompt myself with a different topic every day so I can keep it up. My plan is to become a journalist, so this is definitely a step in the right direction.
So here I am, back again. Crazy, I know.


I guess I'll just post random things in here, instead of daily updates. Okay so, hmm, how about...
What I am looking For In A Guy.

First of all he has to be caring. That's self explanitory. Repsectful too. Don't try to force me to do anything I don't want to do. Next, having a sense of humor is a necessity. I NEED a guy who can make me laugh. I don't want a guy who's dull and boring. Yawn. He has to be able to be comfortable around me and have fun. I, obviously, have to be able to be comfortable around him.
And as for the whole drugs alchohol, smoking kind of thing... NO. Been there dated that, not dating it again. <-- I WILL NOT DATE YOU IF YOU DO THESE THINGS.
So, a sense of religion isn't necessary. But it's fine, as long as I don't get preached to about how I'm going to hell because I'm Agnostic. Being spontaneous is a definite plus. Everyone likes surprises. Being shallow is not a good quality in my book. Like me for me, not my looks. Having different talents such as playing an instrument or something exciting like that, is pretty awesome. I really connect with people on things like music and politics. So I need someone I can hold a good conversation with.
So that's about it? Yeah I think so.

Mmmmkay, Enjoy.


I'm Back

Yeah, I'm back from Ohio and stuff. Details are in my MySpace of course. So check that out. Argh.


The Other Night...

Haha. Well that was an experience. I got ready and headed over to Lauren's for Greg and his buddy Harrison to pick us up. We were sitting in her living room waiting... Her brother came in and asked if I wanted sweet tea and I don't like sweet tea, so I said no and gave him my reasoning and he told me I was going to die someday. Wow, what an insult. Lauren I love you but your brother should know that everyone dies someday. Haha. So we went and picked up Steph and headed on out to Applebee's. Yeah, that was my idea. So we just talked through dinner and Steph wanted a book so we went to Books-a-Million. She got her book and we took this one guy back with us. Apparently it was one of Greg's friends...? I don't know who he was. We went to Lauren's house and sat around until I had to leave at nine. Only because that's when everyone was planning on leaving. Then the plans were changed. I still had to leave at nine. But everyone else stayed til like ten Lauren says. The Will kid was creepy. He kept hitting on Steph! Finally she told him she had a boyfriend and he left right after me. Haha. So then I went home and was bored.
My summer sucks. Can't wait til July!


Yessssss. So I'm getting ready to party like a pop star tonight. Haha, you know. I'm putting on makeup, fixing my hair and making sure I look hot, hot, hot tonight! Haha. Wow, I'm a tad bit HyPeR!



Yeah, so ((sob.sob)) I abandoned LJ for a while and I'm now on MySpace. SOOOO... I thought, 'Why not have both?!' What a novel idea! Teehee. Yeah so tonight I'm going out dawg! Woot Woot! WaHoOoO! We're gonna have a blast. But Katie's not allowed to know what we're doing or that I'm involved. Haha. Hope she doesn't read this before tonight. That's okay I'm not saying anything about going bowling or my house, late night swims or pizza, so you know... Haha. I doubt she'll read this anyways. Yeah, so it's off with the grocery getter, to uh, get .. some.. groceries..



Hey There

Wow I haven't updated in forever and a day! And I don't feel like doing it now. Alright, bye.


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