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RIP Canon Powershot A570IS

=[ It was a good camera. It took the best pictures for a little amateur guy.

Maddie dropped it last night, but really, either of us could have, so I don't fault her. We were at a party, being stupid, taking pictures, and she dropped it. It was sad!
So today I took it to BestBuy and the guys there were DICKS! They were like, "Dang this is an old camera! It still runs on batteries? WHAT are those?" I was kind of shocked at the rudeness. They couldn't help, without $85 to send it in plus whatever else the actual repairs cost. So that was a NO! So I took it to Staples, and they couldn't help. I though they might be able to because I bought it from there, oh well!
So I get home, and dissect the thing with Kristen's help. At some point, it shocked me, for the second time, and I threw it, out of pain and shock, and the flash bulb flashed, and the plastic piece over the light popped off. I just let it go. Haha.
So last night was fun! We went to a Goodwill Party and we looked schnazzy! Haha, I looked like Michael Jackson and Maddie was just a huge mess of everything! Hahaha it was so much fun!
I'M GOING HOME THIS WEEKEND! I get to see my family and my boyfriend and Kaitlin! WOO! I'm excited, I miss them all! AND the Blink concert is on Sunday! EXCITEMENT!
Well I turn 20 in a little over a month, so I'm thinking I'll get a new camera then! It's okay, it was old. I'm not freaking out about it like I was earlier. I was really upset. =/ 
4 days until I go home! Please, week, go quickly!


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